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“The delightful new musical breathes new life into the oft-told fairy tale, "The Frog Prince." This version is a bit bawdier than other incarnations...Frog Kiss definitely deserves to be the next breakout NYMF hit.”

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“Sometimes you just need a fun and comical musical to take you away and that is exactly what I found in the 2010 NYMF production of “Frog Kiss”...hilarious and entertaining musical comedy.”

“  FROG KISS *** 1/2 out of **** -- Frog Kiss is not just a heck of a show by the standards of a festival devoted to nurturing new work (the raison d'etre of the New York Musical Theatre Festival). It's a heck of an entertaining musical comedy by any standards, Broadway included, which is where it deserves to be, current cast right along with it. At the very least, Frog Kiss deserves a much longer life off-Broadway or anywhere else you can get tickets...”

Theater: New York Musical Festival (NYMF) Roundup BY Michael Giltz, 10/18/10

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“ ‘Frog Kiss’, a full musical production at the 2010 New York Musical Theatre Festival, is easy to embrace; it is hard to imagine anything more fun or memorable stemming from this festival...A perennial, familiar heartwarming tale of acceptance, it is the lyrics and assemblage of characters that bring us originality, as does this particular cast...Excellent music...lyrics are immensely enjoyable...”

“ ‘Frog Kiss’ is a delightful show at the New York Music Theater Festival.  The Festival always brings an odd mix of shows, some in early work-shopping mode and others ready for production.  Frog Kiss definitely falls into the second category.  Expertly sung by music theater professionals, the score is an entertaining mix of Jazz and Broadway.  The show is so ‘finished’ there is even space for some fun choreography (by Lorna Ventura)...”

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And finally, as is befitting a happy ending, a truly lovely fairytale musical. The majestically talented Charles Leipart (book and lyrics) and and Eric Shorr (music) have taken the well-trodden story of the frog prince, given it a thoroughly modern and zen-like makeover and turned it into the enchanting Frog Kiss.

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Charles Leipart, Frog Kiss                                Curtis Holbrook, Frog Kiss
Frog Kiss                                                           Charles Leipart, Frog Kiss
Charles Leipart and Eric Schorr                       Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Kenneth L. Roberson, Frog Kiss                       LORNA VENTURA, Frog Kiss                  
Honorable Mention                                               Honorable Mention                                           

Frog Kiss                                                           Daryl Waters, Frog Kiss                  
Honorable Mention                                               Honorable Mention                                           

A Hit, a Palpable, Joyous,

Joy Filled Hit!

Brilliant, boundlessly energetic, buoyant, exuberant, and beautiful in manifold ways, the Virginia Stage Company's world premiere of Frog Kiss is exemplary of the artistry and entertainment of musical theatre...”

Charles Leipart's book and lyrics are never coy or self-praising. Whether or not you get the in-jokes, or if you only sense something familiar about this or that musical riff, there's plenty of fun, sheer pure fun, rolling off the stage...

And OMG the dance! The choreography!

Eric Schorr's score blends handfuls of styles ranging from jazz dominated show tunes to rap, in a way that makes that latter genre not only relevant and enjoyable, but turns its presence into one of the delightful puns that season the show...

you will not regret the excuse to see Frog Kiss a second time.

VEER Magazine, Montague Gammon III, 01/24/13

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“...We have sat through many Broadway shows that don’t have half the entertainment value of this one.”

Virginian-Pilot, Mal Vincent, 01/19/13

Curtis Holbrook and members of the Virginia Stage Company cast